Viral video of girl dancing on Bhojpuri song at Delhi Metro station, people said ‘Better than bikini girl’

New Delhi

You must have seen a lot of viral videos of dance, but in recent times people are seeing increasing trend of Bhojpuri songs. A woman was seen dancing on social media at Delhi’s metro station. The video comes days after the Delhi Metro banned commuters from filming videos inside the train. Dance videos often go viral. A dance clip that has caught the attention of many is getting mixed reactions on social media. 

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In the video, a woman is seen dancing at the metro station. In a clip shared by Instagram user Avnikarish, she can be seen dressed in a red saree and dancing on a metro platform. He can be seen grooving to the Bhojpuri song Saaj Ke Sawar Ke sung by Khesari Lal Yadav and Priyanka Singh. In the caption of the post, Avnikarish wrote, “Yaar bahut himmat chahiye metro mein dance karne ke liye.

This video was shared on 16 February. Since being posted, it has been liked over 12,000 times and commented on. Seeing the Instagram profile of the viral girl, it is known that she is a dancer who has been sharing dance videos on her account for the past several days. Now after the video went viral, people are now commenting. 

A user writes “Tumhein himmat hai na Avni metro station pe koi dance nahin kar sakto“. Another writes “It’s better than that nangi pungi delhi wali girl rhythm”. Another writes “Look at how hush the boys on that back st-r are watching”. There are other users who are commenting nice etc. after watching this video. 

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