World lowest currency vs Indian Rupee

World lowest currency vs Indian Rupee

23 Countries With Lower Currency Value Than Indian Rupee

Have you ever wondered which country has the lowest currency in the world or which country is less expensive to travel around? For some of us, money is a major issue when it comes to planning a vacation abroad. There are many countries that have a low cost of living and great places to visit within them. 

Table Of Content

1. JapanLand Of Rising Sun
2. Costa RicaKnown For Its Incredible National Parks
3. IcelandThe Land Of Fire And Ice
4. CambodiaThe Land Of Smiles
5. MyanmarThe Golden Land
6. South KoreaLand Of The Morning Calm
7. IndonesiaThe Emerald Of The Equator
8. LebanonThe Switzerland of the Middle East
9. PakistanA Land Abounding In The Pure
10. VietnamThe Land Of The “Ascending Dragon
11. MongoliaLand Of The Eternal Blue Sky
12. ChileCountry of Poets
13. NepalLand Of The Mountains
14. Sri LankaPearl of the Indian Ocean
15. ColombiaThe Land Of Rhythm
16. HungaryHeart of Europe
17. LaosLand Of A Million Elephants
18. TanzaniaLand Of The Highest Mountain In Africa
19. BhutanLand Of The Thunder Dragon
20. UzbekistanThe Ancient Silk Road
21. ZimbabweJewel Of Africa
22. ParaguayHeart Of South America
23. DjiboutiThe Pearl Of The Gulf Of Tadjoura

While travelling is something that everyone eagerly waits for, it can be quite expensive. Many people wonder how can we travel without spending much money on food, accommodation and other amenities? This can be possible if you are planning your trip in the right way. However, there are countries that have lower currency value than Indian Rupee that you can visit. You don’t need to spend a lot of money while travelling. These are the countries with currencies lower than India and will give you both comfort and entertainment at an affordable price.

Japan – Land Of Rising Sun


Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it deserves to be on your travel bucket list if you are planning a vacation. The main reason behind this popularity can be attributed to the rich historical past of the land, which includes temples and shrines located everywhere in Japan. 

Japan is one of the most affordable destinations for Indian travellers as this is a country with a currency lower than India. Here the value of 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 1.82 Japanese Yen. So that tourists can book their flight to Japan, and stay in comfortable hotels with the best facilities without paying much money. Also, as a tourist, you can enjoy beautiful Japan, taste its delicious food in restaurants and enjoy shopping under your travel budget.

Best Time To Visit Japan: Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit Japan. The temperature is just right, it’s not too hot nor too cold. During this time of year, you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy everything that Japan has to offer – from traditional festivals to modern amusement parks.

International Airports: Haneda Airport

Address: Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan

Costa Rica – Known For Its Incredible National Parks

Costa Rica

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your loved ones and want to explore the tropical beauty, then Costa Rica is one of the best places you can visit. Costa Rica has become a popular tourist destination in recent years as it offers some of the most amazing natural wonders and unspoiled beauty. 

With its captivating landscapes, waterfalls, beaches and wildlife habitats; this country serves as an ideal place for adventure lovers. Costa Rica is one of the most affordable countries in the world. And is one of the famous countries where the Indian rupee is stronger, here 1 Indian Rupee here is equal to 8.16 Costa Rican Colon. Situated in the heart of the tropics, it will offer affordable tourist destinations, you can book your flight to Costa Rica, and get luxurious hotels to stay within your travel budget.

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica: The dry season between December to April presents the best weather for visiting Costa Rica. Temperatures are comfortable and rainfall is minimal, with sunny days and clear skies. This makes for great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, rafting, and more.

International Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport

Address: Alajuela Province, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Iceland – The Land Of Fire And Ice


Iceland is an excellent holiday spot, as it boasts the world’s most incredible natural wonders, awe-inspiring landscapes and an ever-growing list of adventure activities. It’s no wonder why so many travellers book their flights to Iceland! From taking tours near the glaciers and waterfalls to horseback riding across volcanic deserts and exploring lava tubes – Iceland really does offer something for everyone.

In fact, Iceland is an interesting destination for independent travellers looking for adventure, exploration and relaxation. Iceland is one of the countries with a currency lower than India, i.e. 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 1.76 Icelandic Krona, making it the cheapest place to travel and more accessible to travellers from all over the world.

Best Time To Visit Iceland: The climate in Iceland is very changeable and unpredictable, with warm summers and cold winters. The best time to visit is from June to August when the days are long and the weather is fine. However, it can be difficult to travel during winter as many roads are closed due to snowfall.

International Airport: Keflavík International Airport

Address: 235 KEFLAVÍKURFLUGVÖLLUR, 235 Keflavík, Iceland

Cambodia – The Land Of Smiles


Cambodia is a country of surprises. Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia to travel to, with a range of beautiful tropical beaches, ancient ruins and friendly locals. The country also has an extremely low cost of living and for these reasons makes Cambodia one of the most popular destinations for Indian travellers. 

Furthermore, Cambodia is one of the countries with a currency lower than India i.e, 1 Rupee is equal to 52.74 Cambodian Riels (KHR) which makes Cambodia an affordable destination compared to other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries with a budget tourists can get by spending around INR 1800 to INR 1900 per day. 

Best Time To Visit In Cambodia: The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April when there is very little rain. April marks the beginning of the “green season”, a cool period that lasts until mid-November.

International Airport: 12000 Angkor Phnom Penh Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Myanmar – The Golden Land


Myanmar, also known as the Golden Land of the World, is one of the most incredibly good-looking countries. It has a perfect number of paradise beaches with white and golden glittering sands. Misty mountains, majestic lakes, tangled forests, wide rivers and lush green lowlands make Myanmar a stunning and truly breathtaking place.

Myanmar is an affordable country to explore and every year it attracts the largest number of tourists because of its natural beauty. It is also a top-visit place for Indian travellers as it has the lowest currency value than Indian Rupee. Here, 1 Myanmar Kyat is equal to 0.037 Indian Rupee.

Best time to visit Myanmar: The best time to visit Myanmar is big on the basis of your interest. Here, the cold winter from November to February offers a beautiful view of the highest mountains, the warm summer season in March and April offers a beautiful view of the beaches and rivers and the rainy season from May to October marks a new beginning of the natural.

International Airport: Yangon International Airport

Address: Yangon Airport Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

South Korea – Land Of The Morning Calm

South Korea

South Korea is a country of historic architecture and there are many tourist attractions in Seoul, Gyeongju and Buyeo. It has a rich and unique culture, is the oldest Buddhist temple, and offers delicious and healthy cuisine at affordable prices. It is a world-class nation with various ancient music and dances which attracts a large number of tourists from different countries.

South Korea has everything from luxury hotels to places to visit with family. It is a budget-friendly country. Also, it is a top destination for Indian travellers because the currency value of Korea is lowest to Indian Rupee, i.e. 1 Rupee is equal to 17.51 South Korean Won. If you want to explore the country you will find cheap rates on flights to South Korea!

Best time to visit Korea: The best times of the year to visit South Korea are generally considered to be the spring months of April to June and the autumn months of September to November. Days are generally sunny during these seasons and this dry season is comfortable.

International Airport: Incheon International Airport

Address: 272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Indonesia –  The Emerald Of The Equator


Indonesia is a country with many beautiful tourist destinations and has rich and diverse cultures, history and traditions. It has beautiful natural scenery, from the beaches of Java to the volcanoes of Sumatra, to the tropical jungles of Borneo. Indonesia is an archipelago that consists of a number of multicultural islands and it’s located in Southeast Asia. 

Indonesia is a country where the Indian rupee is high, i.e. 1 Rupee is equal to 187.53 Indonesian Rupiah making it the cheapest country for Indian tourists. Here you will find many great hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to enjoy within your travel budget. Also, you will find cheap flights from India to Indonesia for your trip!

Best Time To Visit In Indonesia: The best time to visit Indonesia is between July and August. The average temperature in these months is around 18-24 degrees Celsius. The weather during this period is perfect for taking a stroll along the beaches of Bali, Lombok, or Java – without breaking into a sweat!

International Airport: Soekarno–Hatta International Airport 

Address: Tangerang City, Banten 19120, Indonesia

Lebanon – The Switzerland of the Middle East


Lebanon is the safest country in the world for tourists, especially female travellers. It is famous for its exquisite beauty, glamour, diversity, taste and hospitable people. The nature of Lebanon makes it the only country in the Arab that observes four seasons annually.

Lebanon is one of the cheapest countries in the world. With its vibrant past, rich archaeological resources, religion and cultural focus, it is popular in the Middle East. Also, it is a country where the Indian rupee is high. Here, 1 Lebanese Pound is equal to 0.052 Indian Rupee. In fact, the country is popular for its low-cost and affordable hotels to stay in.

Best Time to Visit Lebanon: Here, the months of December and March (winter) are relatively mild, with days being warm and nights providing a cool climate. The spring season from April to May presents pleasant weather and happy faces. And, the summer season during June and September is full of fun and activities.

International Airport: Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport 

Address: Beirut, Lebanon

Pakistan – A Land Abounding In The Pure


Pakistan is a country of diverse landscape, culture and people. Located in the heart of Asia, Pakistan has many historical and archaeological sites. Apart from heritage sites, one can enjoy lots of recreational activities in this country. Also, there are many places to visit, like museums, parks and zoos etc.

Pakistan is a popular tourist destination and there are many things to do here. Due to the lower currency value of the Indian Rupee, it is on the list of countries where the Indian rupee is high. Here, 1 Indian Rupee is equivalent to 2.97 Pakistani Rupee. Also, you can get discounted flights to Pakistan throughout the year for a budget-friendly tour.

Best Time To Visit Pakistan: Pakistan has four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are pleasant, with moderate temperatures and relatively low rainfall. Summer is hot and humid, with most rainfall occurring in July and August when the monsoon sweeps over the northwest of the country. Winter in the month of December to January brings cold dry air, and icy roads offer amazing views of snow-capped mountains.

International Airport: Islamabad International Airport

Address: New Islamabad Airport Rd, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Vietnam – The Land Of The “Ascending Dragon”


Vietnam is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the world, and it has a lot to offer. The country’s beaches are among the best in South East Asia and its capital city, Hanoi offers plenty of things to do for tourists. From historical sites like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to modern marvels such as Bitexco Financial Tower, Vietnam has everything that an ideal tourist destination needs.

If you are planning a vacation to Vietnam anytime soon, you should know that it will cost you less compared to other developed countries. Being the best travel destination, the country is well connected to most of the popular countries around the world so you will get flights to Vietnam easily. In fact, for Indian travellers, Vietnam is the best country for a vacation due to its lower currency value than Indian Rupee means that the Indian Rupee 1 (INR) is equal to 296.50 Vietnamese dongs in Vietnam.

Best Time To Visit In Vietnam: The best time to visit Vietnam would be between the months of March and April when temperatures are still moderate and rainfall is at its lowest. In May and June, the weather becomes hot and dry, but that too can be enjoyable if you’re visiting from a cold climate. The best time to visit Vietnam is between September and November which is when it’s cooler and drier.

International Airport: Noi Bai International Airport

Address: Phú Minh, Sóc Sơn, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Mongolia – Land Of The Eternal Blue Sky


Mongolia is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Asia. Mongolia is the largest landlocked country in the world, occupying about one-half of Asia and bordering Russia, China, and Kazakhstan. Much of Mongolia’s terrain is gently rolling grassland with some desert areas and mountain ranges in the south and west. 

Popular as the country of Blue Sky, Mongolia is a land of extremes – and not just geographically. Also, it is a country with the lowest currency value than India which is 1 Indian Rupee currently equal to 39.74 Mongolian Tugriks. And, as a tourist, you will find many budget-friendly hotels to stay in, discount flights from India and affordable delicious food to eat.

Best Time To Visit Mongolia: The weather between mid-June and late August is warm and comfortable, with clear skies full of bright stars at night. It is a perfect time for you to enjoy the national holiday Naadam Festival, which involves wrestling, archery, horse racing and other traditional sports. Also, the weather conditions in Mongolia are much more pleasant during these months.

International Airport: Buyant Ukhaa International Airport

Address: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Chile – Country of Poets


Chile is a country which means where the land ends and is the deepest point of the earth. Situated between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile is the longest country in the world. Top Tourist Attractions Chile has the world’s driest desert, offers spectacular views of glaciers and fjords, and presents views of several volcanoes along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

There are many natural attractions in Chile that will keep you busy during your visit. If you’re looking for a wild adventure and an interesting culture, Chile is hard to beat. Also, this is a country with the lowest currency value than India, which means INR 1 is equal to 11.53 Chilean pesos which makes it an affordable destination to travel for Indians.

Best Time To Visit Chile: Here, November to February is the perfect season to enjoy outdoor adventures. September, October, March and April are known as crowded months. The best months to visit are from December to February. Best of all, June to August are the best months to enjoy many snow sports activities.

International Airport: Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport

Address: Aviador David Fuentes, Pudahuel, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Nepal – Land Of The Mountains


Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the Himalayas, which offers spirituality, views of the highest mountains and natural beauty to its travellers. Situated on the board of India, Nepal is considered to be the cheapest country to visit around the world. Also, it is the best tourist place with the oldest Hindu temple and the oldest Buddhist temple.

You can book your flight from India to Nepal to explore this amazing destination and make your trip a memorable one! Nepal is one of the countries where the Indian rupee is stronger, i.e. 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 1.62 Nepalese Rupee, which makes it an affordable destination for Indian tourists. As a tourist, you will find many affordable places to visit, top-rated hotels to stay and delicious food of your choice within your travel budget.

Best Time To Visit Nepal: The best time to visit Nepal is between October and December when the blue skies, serene lakes and splendid mountains offer a spectacular view all around. Also, it is the festive season in Nepal that can introduce you to many important festivals.

International Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport

Address: Ring Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Sri Lanka – Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a jungle safari destination and the twenty-fifth largest island in the world. It is home to diverse languages, cultures and ethnicities. It offers a great coastline around Mombasa. With blissful beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and wildlife-rich savannas, there are endless beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, it is known for its rich biodiversity, tea exports, large cinnamon and astonishing natural wonders. Sri Lanka is a country with the lowest currency value than India here 1 INR is equal to 4.68 Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). If you are on a budget, Sri Lanka is cheap enough, you will find cheap guesthouses and hotels to stay in. You can even book flights to Sri Lanka at the lowest prices!

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka: The best time to visit the western and southern coasts of Sri Lanka is between December and March and the best season on the east coast is between April and September.

International Airport: Bandaranaike International Airport

Address: Canada Friendship Road, Katunayake 11450, Sri Lanka

Colombia – The Land Of Rhythm


Colombia, the gateway to South America, is the happiest country in the world. With an increase in the number of flights to Colombia, the largest number of hotel chains and the country’s peace talks settled, it became the most popular tourist destination in the world.

The country has a Pacific coast, Andes mountain range, Caribbean coastline, Amazon rainforest and desert plains attracting diverse crowds every year. Plus, with the cheapest living costs, it’s relatively cheap to travel to, and there are plenty of great deals. Also, Colombia is a country with a currency lower than India which is 1 INR equivalent to 55.47 Cambodian riels making it the cheapest destination for Indians.

Best Time To Visit Colombia: You can visit Colombia any time of the year. However, the best time to visit is between December to March and between July and August. Also, it is the ideal time to enjoy hiking.

International Airport: El Dorado International Airport

Address: Ac. 26 ##103-9, Fontibón, Bogotá, Colombia

Hungary – Heart of Europe


Romantic architecture, thermal baths and an abundance of picture-postcard scenery are just some of the things that make Hungary a must-visit destination in the world. Hungary may be a small country but it offers a lot to see and do for all; From Buda Castle, Danube River, Historic Spa Town, Esztergom Basilica and more!

Hungary is a country that has a currency lower than India, making it an affordable destination for Indian tourists. Here, 1 Indian Rupee in the country is equal to 5.03 Hungarian Forint.  And provide value for money tour as the cost of hotels, food and flight to Hungary will not burn a hole in your pocket!

Best time to visit Hungary: The best time to visit Hungary is spring between the month of March to May and autumn from September to October when the weather is quite warm, fine and less crowded.

International Airport: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Address: Budapest, 1185 Hungary

Laos – Land Of A Million Elephants


Laos is a Southeast Asian country of Laos and is a hidden gem in the world. It is one of the famous destinations offering amazing scenery, unexplored land and ethnic villages. Known as the land of millions of elephants, it has magnificent waterfalls, amazing French colonial architecture and Buddhist monasteries.

Laos has a rich cultural diversity and is on the list of countries with currencies lower than India. Here, 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 201.82 Laotian Kip (LAK) which makes it an affordable country to visit within the travel budget for Indians.

Best time to visit Laos: The ideal time to explore this small and landlocked country is between October and April when the weather remains hot and dry. And, November and January are considered to be the best time to enjoy the Mekong River tour when the water level makes it the most beautiful place.

International Airport: Wattay International Airport

Address: 19 Saylom Rd, Vientiane, Laos

Tanzania – Land Of The Highest Mountain In Africa 


Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks, vast wilderness areas and natural attractions. It is the most popular place to do safaris and wildlife-related adventures in the world. In addition, Tanzania is home to the highest single free mountain in the world – Mount Kilimanjaro.

Surprisingly, Tanzania is the cheapest country to visit that is full of cheap high-quality food, and top-rated places to stay, plus you’ll find budget-friendly flights to Tanzania. Moreover, Tanzania is the country with the lowest currency value than India., i.e. Rupee 1 is equal to 29.32 Tanzanian Shilling and makes it one of the affordable destinations for Indian travellers.

Best time to visit Tanzania: The best time to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season in the month from July to September. Also, it is the best season to enjoy safaris, trekking, adventure activities and spend a long weekend at the beach.

International Airport: Julius Nyerere International Airport

Address: Julius K. Nyerere Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bhutan – Land Of The Thunder Dragon


Bhutan is famous for its Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. The country is home to deep green forests and the tallest mountain peaks that reflect the true colours of nature all around. It is the most beautiful country in the world with its rich culture, vibrant festivals and ancient lifestyle.

Situated on the Himalayan mountain range, Bhutan is the most affordable destination in the world. It is also a favourite destination of some Indian travellers due to its natural beauty and low travel cost. Bhutan is the country with the lowest currency value than India. If you are looking for the cheapest tours then book your flights to Bhutan at discounted prices right away and get a chance to enjoy the most beautiful place on earth.

Best time to visit Bhutan: The ideal time to visit Bhutan is in the months of October to December as the skies are clear with bright sunny weather and fresh air. Moreover, the cool months of January and February are the perfect time to enjoy the view of the snow-capped dry abyss and late spring is the season famous to admire the magnificent and blooming green valleys with many colours.

International Airport: Bhutan International Airport – Paro

Address: Airport Road Paro, 12001, Bhutan

Uzbekistan – The Ancient Silk Road


Uzbekistan is one of the biggest attractions for most travellers and is considered the 5th safest country to travel in the world. Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with a rich history, architecture and amazing sightseeing. It offers wonderful views of many fountains, tree-lined streets and pleasant parks.

Moreover, book your flight to Uzbekistan, it is an affordable destination to enjoy a great vacation. Considering one of beautiful places, it attracts many Indian travellers. In fact, here, 1 Rupee is equal to 140.27 Uzbekistan Som which makes it a must-see destination for Indians. With a low cost of living and a simple lifestyle, this is the cheapest place to visit!

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan: The best time to visit Uzbekistan is between the months of March and May during the spring season, when the skies are clear, and the wind keeps the weather pleasant. One can also go in September-November when the summer heat starts to subside, and the weather turns cold again!

International Airport: Tashkent International Airport

Address: 13 Kumarik ko’chasi, Tashkent 100167, Uzbekistan

Zimbabwe – Jewel Of Africa


A gem among Africa’s safari destinations, Zimbabwe boasts of some of the most spectacular untamed wilderness, wildlife encounters and experiences that are hard to find anywhere else on earth. It is a beautiful country in southern Africa known for its dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife.

When it comes to travelling to Zimbabwe on a budget, also this destination to save more money and spends more time with families and friends. Zimbabwe is the country with the lowest currency value than India. With interesting fact, here 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 4.58 Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD). That is, you can get simple food to eat, great hotels to stay in at affordable prices and discount flights from India to Zimbabwe for your trip.

Best Time To Visit In Zimbabwe:  The best season to visit here is totally based on your interest! This means mild temperatures, in the dry months of May to October make it the best time to enjoy sports activities and speed rafting due to the low amount of water. Along with this, the summer, the rainy season, offers a splendid view of the beaches and lakes.

International Airport: Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport

Address: Harare, Zimbabwe

Paraguay – Heart Of South America


Paraguay, popularly known as the Land of Water, has an island surrounded by the mainland. Beautiful lakes, dreamy waterfalls, stunning beaches, lush green biodiversity and golden dunes make Paraguay one of the most beautiful places in the world. With a mix of nature and materialism, it is a country with rich wildlife.

Paraguay is a must-visit place for those who want to travel full of adventure. From sports activities to water rappelling, or hill climbing to rafting, this place offers affordable sports activities to enjoy. For Indian tourists, it is quite surprising that Paraguay has a lower currency value than the Indian Rupee which will add benefits to your trip. Here 1 Indian Rupee is equal to 88.82 Paraguayan Guarani as you get to enjoy all the adventures including accommodation and food without straining your pocket much.

Best Time To Visit In Paraguay: The best time to visit Paraguay is during the winter season between May and September. The morning offers a fresh and cool breeze during this season. This is the best season to enjoy the pleasant view of the large migratory birds flying around in the sky.

International Airport: Silvio Pettirossi International Airport

Address: Autopista Silvio Pettirossi, Luque, Paraguay

Djibouti – The Pearl Of The Gulf Of Tadjoura


Djibouti is a land of rich wildlife, sightseeing, multicoloured culture and tradition. It is a small African country famous for its stunning landscapes. Being one of the cheapest countries in the world, it is the best place to explore water bodies, national parks and long beaches.

If you want to enjoy scuba diving, trekking and hiking, bird watching and fishing then definitely add Djibouti to your travel bucket list! In fact, it is an affordable destination for Indian tourists as the value of one Indian rupee in this country is equal to 2.28 Djibouti Franc. You can plan your trip accordingly and enjoy the most favourable beaches, lakes and islands in this beautiful country!

Best time to visit Djibouti: The cool season from November to April is considered the best time to visit Djibouti. It is a bit warm and offers scenic views of the surroundings. Winter in Djibouti is long and the partly cloud all around offers spectacular views of beaches, lakes and the rising sun.

International Airport: Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport

Address: Ambouli, Djibouti

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the cheapest country in the world to visit from India?

Answer: Indonesia is one of those countries where the value of Indian currency is very high. One rupee of India, there is equal to 193.16 Indonesian Rupiah. Apart from this, Indians are also given free visas on arrival here.

Q: What are the top 5 cheapest destinations for Indians to travel to?

Answer: These are the cheapest destinations for Indians to travel to where Indian currency is given more importance.

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Chile
  • Cambodia
  • Hungary

Q: Why is Cambodia a popular destination for Indian travellers?

Answer: 1 Indian Rupee in Cambodia is equal to 54.93 Cambodian riel. Apart from beautiful beaches, lakes, it has a famous temple called Angkot Wat Temple. At the same time, there are many Hindu temples here, which attract the largest number of Indian tourists. With the fact, Indian citizens can visit Cambodia without spending much.

Q: Is it possible for me to travel to Vietnam now?

Answer: Yes, you can travel under certain restrictions. The government has allowed only a fully vaccinated international and must undergo a seven-day quarantine at designated facilities. Travellers must follow protocol, which includes making a health declaration within 36 hours prior to departure for Vietnam and providing proof of vaccination before travel.

Q: Which are the countries where Indian travellers do not require a visa?

Answer: Indians can travel to Bhutan, Nepal and Indonesia without a visa.