Kantara collection Worldwide Box Office Collection

Kantara collection Worldwide Box Office Collection

Now, as per the latest box office update, Kantara has completed a theatrical run of 57 days. In India alone, the film has made a historic collection of 306.32 crores nett (inclusive of all languages), which equals to 361.45 crores gross. The total could have been more but Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam 2 has dented its run. In overseas, the film has made 45.30 crores gross, which is again a blockbuster total.

On the whole, Kantara stands at a huge total of 406.75 crores gross at the worldwide box office. It is now the only Kannada film to enter the 400 crore club globally after KGF Chapter 2. Read Also |

Meanwhile, Rishab Shetty recently spoke at a Masterclass at the International Film Festival of India about films crossing the language barrier. “Films today are crossing the language barrier. If the content connects with the audience the movie will be accepted as an All-Indian movie. I believed in the mantra that if a movie is more local and rooted, then it has a greater universal appeal,” he said.

Kantara (all versions) 55 days Worldwide Collections – 9th highest south indian grosser

Kantara has almost completed its run worldwide as the film is now available on Amazon prime. With a gross of more than 390 Cr, the film is now the 9th highest-grossing South Indian Film beating Pushpa The Rise. The film has an outstanding run in all markets and it has achieved some unbelievable. The film has beaten KGF-2 (Kannada version gross) in Karnataka and all versions have also come very near. It’s quite unbelievable because the scale of the two films is completely opposite with Kanatara made on a budget of 1/7 of KGF-2. The film has grossed more than 58 cr in the Telugu States, and nearly 100 cr in North India. The film did outstanding business in Kerala grossing 18 cr which is way higher than Tamil Nadu which is a much bigger market.

It has grossed 4.3 Million in Overseas markets with a 50 percent contribution from North America alone. Telugu Version has grossed more than Million Dollars in Overseas markets.

Area55 days collections31 Days Collections25 days Worldwide collections
Karnataka171 Cr140 cr117 cr
AP / TS58.3Cr40.60 cr29.8 cr
Tamil Nadu11.2CrRs. 5.7 cr3.3 cr
Kerala18Cr8.2 cr3 cr
North India97.5Cr51.2 cr29 cr
Overseas35Cr ($4.3M)26.30 cr ($3.2 M)18.20 cr ($2.21 M)
Worldwide391Cr272 cr200.3 cr

Kantara Crosses 400 Crores At The Worldwide Box Office Sacnilk

Bengaluru, November 22 – Hombale Films has another reason to be proud as its latest sensation, Kantara has crossed 400 crores at the global box office in 53 days. It is the second back-to-back film for the studio to reach this rare box office milestone, after KGF: Chapter 2.

The Rishab Shetty-starrer has grossed a might 358.50 crores (304.10 crores net) in India, making it the third highest-grossing film at the domestic box office in 2022 after “KGF 2” and “RRR”. Among the all-time domestic-grosser, “Kantara” is at the 17th number.

Made with a budget of just 16 crores, “Kantara” has been excellent at the overseas box office as well as it performed much better than expected. It has grossed 43 crores internationally, helping worldwide gross cume to reach 401.50 crores, making it the 5th Indian film of 2022 and 24th of all-time to breach the milestone.

Originally released in the Kannada language, the film was dubbed in other languages and released in theaters. In Kannada, it has grossed approx. 187 crores, followed by Hindi with approx. 96 crores, Telugu with approx. 50 crores, Malayalam with approx. 16 crores, and Tamil with around 8.50 crores.

“Kantara” is still playing a decent amount of theaters and is likely to add a few more crores to its worldwide tally.

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