Pakistani girl Ayesha is selling her green kurta for 3 lakhs, this actor expressed her desire to buy it

Pakistani Girl Dance Video : Pakistani girl Ayesha ( Ayesha) , who became famous by dancing on ‘ Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja’, is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Actually during her friend’s mehndi function, a dance video of Ayesha in green kurta went viral , in this video people lost their hearts on Ayesha’s dance and simplicity and she became famous overnight. Now if reports are to be believed then this viral girl of Pakistan is auctioning her same green kurta. According to a report published in People Magazine Pakistan, Ayesha has kept the price of her kurta at Rs 3 lakh.Check also | Akshara Singh New Song: Akshara Singh crossed the limits of boldness, gave intimate scenes fiercely in the new song

People Magazine wrote in one of its Instagram posts , ” Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja” girl is selling her green dress for 3 lakhs.” People are commenting a lot on this post of People Magazine and giving their feedback. One user Commenting, wrote , ” This girl is single-handedly trying to increase the economy of Pakistan. Respect.” So another user wrote , “3 thousand suit in 3 lakhs and he himself must have worn it more than 300 times.”

Umar Alam expressed his desire to buy Ayesha’s kurta

At the same time, actor Umar Alam has expressed his desire to buy the suit of ‘ Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja ‘ girl. Umar said through a social media post , ” I would lose it or else I would have taken it.” However, with this, Umar made a laughing emoji.

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Ayesha, a resident of Lahore, is a famous Tiktok star. He has more than 705K followers on Instagram . His videos often go viral on social media. Let us tell you that this viral video of Ayesha is from her best friend’s wedding , where she gave a dance performance during the Mehendi function.

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