Nora Fatehi Hot: Nora Fatehi insults Tricolor at FIFA World Cup; The anger of the fans

Nora is accused of improperly holding the tricolor, hoisting it and insulting it.

Nora Fatehi Hot News: Nora Fatehi’s sizzling dance and glamorous look is not only the talk of the country but also the world. Nora’s popularity led her to perform at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Nora performed a powerful dance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fan Festival. Nora also gave Jai Hind slogans while hoisting the tricolor on stage. But in the meantime a big mistake is made by Nora, due to which she is being trolled. Check Also | Kajol Devgan: Kajol Breaks Silence On Nyasa’s Bollywood Debut, Says ‘Acting Is Not Thought Of…’

Nora Fatehi says in the video, ‘Although India is not in the FIFA World Cup, we are a part of this fest through our music, dance. Hearing these words of Nora, the people present were very happy, they also started shouting and supporting her. Along with Nora, the audience was chanting Jai Hind. In the stadium, announcements were made about India, India. The video of Nora hoisting the tricolor is being shared on social media.

Nora is accused of improperly holding the tricolor, hoisting it and insulting it. First, Nora was thrown on the tricolor stage. While picking up the flag that had fallen on the stage, Nora was seen waving it as if it were a scarf and not the country’s tricolor. The limit was reached when Nora hoisted the tricolor upside down. She held the flag in the air like a scarf and wrapped it around herself. The manner in which Nora returned the tricolor to a person standing down from the stage is also being criticized. ( Nora Fatehi )

Nora Fatehi has been embroiled in controversy after mistaking the tricolor and turning it upside down. Users are trolling them. Triranga has been caught wrong, the way of giving triranga was very wrong, it is like insulting triranga, Nora does not respect triranga, Nora insulted triranga, users are commenting. According to the user, Nora doesn’t even know how to hoist the tricolor. This is humiliating. People are very disappointed with this action of Nora Fatehi. Nora has not yet responded to the trolling by netizens. ( Social Media )

Nora Fatehi is in the limelight because of FIFA World Cup 2022. Her dance videos are going viral. A video of Nora’s dance performance has gone viral. After watching this video, users say that the background dancer touched the actress inappropriately. At the same time, some people think that this is just a misunderstanding. Now what the truth is, only Nora can say better.