Kangana Ranaut was a queen even in college days, now she aspires in real life

Kangana Ranaut was a queen even in college days, now she aspires in real life


Kangana Ranaut has been a queen since her college days. Recently, Kangana Ranaut has shared a photo with her teacher. In which he has shared the story of his college days. Kangana Ranaut said that Sachdev Mam is always her favourite. It was he who told me during my college days that one day you will become a film star.

It was my first day in DAV Hostel and my principal Sachdev madam noticed me because of my dress. He called me and asked me where I was from. I shyly told Himachal, he asked ‘where did this dress come from?’ I said ‘I am designed and made by a village tailor’, he smiled and hugged me and told me that you will be a film star one day.

The actress said, “Many people will be happy after I enter the film, but my principal madam is most proud of me.” Whenever Principal madam comes to Mumbai to meet him, she definitely kisses him on the forehead. It’s a blessing. He said that he loves her. He has also received the Best Principal Award from the President of India.

She has received many awards and honors, madam is now retired. We are so lucky to have her..I want to teach acting and filmmaking and be like madam. Talking about the work front, Kangana has recently completed the shooting of ‘Chandramukhi 2’. He also has ‘Emergency’, ‘Tejas’, ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda’ and ‘The Avatar: Sita’ in the pipeline.

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