Bigg Boss 6 Telugu : Sadly.. That model is out for Srisatya this week.. Netizens trolls!

While watching Bigg Boss season 6 which is being telecasted in Telugu , the 12th week has just come to an end. There are currently only 9 contestants left in the house.

It is known that except for Revanth Keerthy, all the others are in the process of nomination. However, it seems that Vinaya got huge votes due to the absence of Revanth in the nominations.

Currently , Raj and Faima are in the last two places . However, there is a high chance that one of them will be eliminated this week.

But it can be said that there is no chance of FIMA elimination.

Because she has an eviction free pass . If Fima saves using the free pass, then it can be said that Raj will be eliminated for sure. In the 12th week, this contestant will be eliminated on a large scale in social media . And as part of the 12th week eliminations , the model Raj has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. The news is being heard. But if you think that Mr. Satya will be eliminated this week, it seems that Mr. Satya is safe this week as she got good votes.

But a section of the audience is accusing Bigg Boss of saving Mr. Sathya and eliminating Raj unfairly like every week .

According to the latest information, Raj has been eliminated as part of the eliminations in the 12th week. It is known that Big Boss Housemates and Nagarjuna also appreciated the fact that Raj speaks less in the house but speaks correctly. He changed the style of the game.

It is known that he escaped from the nominations by using his intelligence in the check amount task last week. But we have to wait and see if Raj is really eliminated or not.