Actress Samantha’s Torture At Her In-Laws House – A Boyfriend Who Broke The Secret

Actress Samantha, who is popular in Tamil and Telugu languages, was married to actor Naga Chaitanya for a few years.

Marriage – Divorce 

The couple, who were married for love, announced their divorce due to differences of opinion.

Fans were shocked by the divorce announcement. Their divorce announcement is still the talk of the town.

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Actress Samantha was admitted to the hospital and returned home. He is suffering from a rare disease and is undergoing treatment.

Actress Samantha Experienced Torture

In this situation, now an information about Samantha issue has been released. A close male friend of actress Samantha has revealed many startling facts that she has encountered.

After Samantha’s divorce, her boyfriend Pritam posted a post on Instagram.

They are the ones who can hide the real character of their family men in that record. “They are the ones responsible for violence against women. Violence is mental torture and criticism,” Pritam wrote on his Instagram.

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